What to bring:
From the advice I've seen, it would be a good idea to bring:
  • Water. Something that can be refilled. We'll pick up water as we go, but of course something to
  • Extra pair of socks (maybe even 2 extra pairs?)
  • Hat / sunglasses (we're going to be walking south on the hudson as the sun is to the west)
  • Some hiking snack that you'd like (trail mix / granola bar). This is another thing we can pick up as we go, but it might be harder to find.
  • Camera / Camera phone. Lots of cool views!
  • Headphones
Speaking of food, I'm not sure what the best option is. Either to stop somewhere and grab something, or pack something to bring.
It's early to be sure what the weather will be like, but it isn't supposed to rain, and the weather should be fair. But you'll still want to bring some kind of appropriate jacket. And comfortable clothing. Something that wicks?
One of the sources suggests (worn in) hiking boots. I'm going to wearing sneakers / running shoes.
I'll bring to share:
  • moleskin (but you want you might want to pre-apply)
  • sunscreen.
  • Advil (I might need some for my knee after mile 25).